Tips on How to Fax from an E-Mail

The world of communications has changed a great deal. Many have taken to mobile phones, text services, and e-mail as their preferred way of communication on both formal as well as informal platforms. There are also people who no longer see the need for communication gadgets that were once held in high esteem such as fax machines. The truth is that faxing is not dead. Hospitals, as well as numerous government establishments, still rely on fax machines to share important information.

fax machine

The Evolution

The fax massaging industry has evolved in the last couple of decades. In the beginning, fax machines were government owned. People who needed fax services were forced to walk into government offices to receive or send fax messages. Things changed as more people got to own their own fax machines following a drop in the cost of owning one.

It reached a point when owning a fax machine was as easy as owning a smartphone today. As matters stand now, you do not even need a fax machine to send a fax message since you can do this from your smartphone or your computer provided that you know how to fax from an email platform. Below are tips on how to go about it all in case you are hearing about these developments in the world of faxing for the first time.

Initial Steps

Create a G-mail account or download a G-mail faxing app. Note that it is significant to check whether you are using a valid G-mail link since there are dummy links out there and they may trick you into thinking that you are sending the fax to the right recipient. This is important because fraudulent people whose primary intent is to phish valuable information that they can use to flee your online or bank accounts, extort or bully you often create the dummy sites online.

Step 2

gmail logoOnce your G-mail account or your G-mail app is set, you are now at a position to send your fax message to anyone or any organization around the world. The process is similar to that of sending an ordinary e-mail with the difference being the address line that you need to key in. This means that instead of typing in [email protected], for example, you are required to change the suffix or the prefix of the address that you choose to type in. It follows that the address will read something like [email protected] The address could also start with a specific fax number and read something to the effect of [email protected]

Step 3

The third step requires you to add a cover page. Ordinarily, the cover page is sent as a separate attachment, but in this case, you can have it in the fax’s text area. Do not forget to add the subject like it is usually the case in an ordinary e-mail.

Step 4

The e-fax services allow for attachments in various formats. It follows that you can attach your PDF, DOC, and JPG, TIFF, XLS or TXT files before you hit on the done button in case you are sending multiple attachments. The done button will take you the message body page where you can proofread your cover text and ensure that all the attachments are there before you hit on the send button.…

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